If you are like me, you're wishing you could have gorgeous portraits of yourself that you think truly represents the YOU that's inside.  You would like to have someone photograph you who really understands the reason we aren't in love with our cellulite, or too much body hair, or rough skin, or any myriad of other things we pick apart about ourselves.

There are those who believe you've just gotta accept what your package is, and that's ok, to each their own, but I'm personally not ok with the package I am now (of course, there was a time when I had a rubber body and smooth beautiful skin but time has changed my physical appearance)...and now I'd just really love to have a portrait that shows something of the inner me where the real beauty lies, and to do all that's possible to make it appear, in my photos, as if the outside kind of matches. 

I'd like my Photographer to be able to find my flattering angles and to know how to create poses that show my good points and features.  I'd love to be able to have a photo that I could proudly display on a wall in my home, of me at this time in my life, that I'd be happy to see every day as I live my life.

I want an image my kids will one day use to brag about their mom and how great she was as a person, and how lucky they were to have such a woman as their mom...that they can share and pass down to other generations.  I'd like to have a headshot that shows me the way I want to look for my business or social media...something fun, or something businesslike.  And maybe I'd even like to have something a little sexy! 

MY MISSION with my photography is to do these things for every woman I photograph.  If you can't fall in love with an image of you by me, your session will be free and you can walk away without guilt and under no obligation to purchase, knowing that at least you learned a few new things about how to look better in photographs, and that you had a fun experience. 

If I can create even just ONE image that you do absolutely fall in love with, then we both succeeded and you can purchase prints to your heart's content for your family and yourself, and help make my bank account happier too! 

I would love to speak with you in person if possible, to discuss your goals for photos and just to see if we feel like we are a good fit, as this portrait thing needs a Photographer and a Client who feel comfortable with each other; this produces a far better experience and results than just getting together as strangers with a goal of beautiful images. 

Call me, text me, or email me.  The form on my Contact page is a shortcut, but any way you contact me will be just right.  Thank you for coming to my site, and I'd love to talk with you as soon as you're ready to contact me...just to meet and talk, no obligation whatsoever.