INSIDE MY STUDIO...lots of room to play! by the end of a session, I have shot on every wall and the place is a disaster! But fun!

My studio is one large room where I get to do my magic! I just acquired that funky little chair from THE WORKS in Old Town, am dying to use it...and I have a little mascot kitty who sleeps 24/7 (just a prop).  Those windows are completely private and look out onto other rooftops. I have keys to the building, so I can schedule sessions for any time that's convenient for me and my client.

Some of the things I do in my Studio in my free time:

I love TINY PRINTS for tiny spaces.  We all have places that would be perfect for tiny prints, so I play with making them. This area in my studio is about 8" wide between the mirror and the door-frame. PERFECT!

And I make props; these are a pair of "hand-cuffs" (hahaha) which I made by hand while having a cup of coffee down in Old Town...people were really enjoying watching them be made and tested!