Come play!

1.  HAIR, MAKEUP, & NAILS:  Please arrive ready to select your outfit and start the session, with hair and makeup done and ready to go, and fresh nail polish or no polish.  The main light is windowlight, so it's important to start shooting at the designated time, before the light changes.  If LATE FOR ANY REASON, I need to know as soon as YOU know you may be late.  Please call...(not text, not email...CALL so I know what you know...thank you!  

2.  UNWANTED HAIR: If you normally shave your underarms, legs, or any other area, please do so the day before so there's no razor-burn.  I charge crazy money to remove hair in Photoshop if it should have been shaved...repeat:..."crazy money".  Same for fixing the nails in Photoshop.

3.  OUTFITS:  Bring what you think you look your best in.  If it doesn't flatter, don't bring it.  If it's all wrinkled/stained/tattered, don't bring it. If it's black and covered in pet hair, either get those hairs off before arriving, or don't bring it.  The results in the final images are always better if the garments are clean, fit well and are flattering either in color or design. I can clamp things to make them fit better, if need be.  If it should be on a hanger, please don't bring it wadded up in a bag.  Bring whatever accessories may be needed to complete the outfits (belts, bras, jewelry, the right color of lipstick,etc.)  

4.  TO BRING:  I.D. proving you're 18 or older: your outfits; makeup; hair accessories; jewelry choices; shoes appropriate to your outfits (keep in mind, though, that I shoot mostly closeups as seen in my portfolios; therefore, do not plan on more than just a couple of full-lengths); any fun props that you might want to use (hats/musical instruments/sports gear, etc.)

       4(b).  FOR BOUDOIR:  Strapless bras can be very handy for cover-up shots while leaving no strap-lines on the skin.  Bring a skin-colored thong or g-string or other underwear to wear in the sheets and seated on props.

5.  IF A PAYMENT IS DUE:  Be prepared with whatever you need in order to pay if payment is due...I accept PayPal, local check, or cash.  Payment in full is expected before any prints are delivered.

Thank you for asking me to be your Photographer!  I can't wait to see what you bring...and what we can create together!